#2 Drink, Beer, Food Business WordPress Theme

#2 Drink, Beer, Food Business WordPress Theme. If you have a brewery or any shop and want to create a website for your business, you can use this theme. Or we can customize it as you need. Please see the video review below and contact us for the price.

This theme is also well equipped and ultra manages
to make your screen feel much bigger
that it really is, which is a testament
to its ease of use. From restaurants to
gyms and video games to law firms, ultra’s
pre-made designs look amazing
for any industry. There are other themes
highlighted on this list that provide a
wider range of features and layout
options however there aren’t many. Ultra’s
shop functionality is brilliant
well-designed and allows products to be
displayed in the navigation menu.
Typically, themes struggle to cater to a
lot of options on small screens, but the
ultra theme manages to pull it off. The
main menu is easy to use with good sized
buttons and multiple levels of
navigation. If you purchase the ultra
theme you’ll get a bunch of useful
add-ons such as progress bars, timelines
and countdowns.

Widgets can also be added
straight to the main menu. Ultra is a
complete and well-rounded theme that
would suit a number of business industries.


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