#3 Digital Design Agency WordPress Theme

#3 Digital Design Agency A beautiful WordPress Theme.

We scored this theme with an
overall nine out of ten with the same
overall score as previous. There is why this theme can hold
its head up. This theme has a myriad of
features and makes great use of
animation and graphical elements. Combine
this with its impressive page load speed
and we can see how it comfortably
cemented its place in the top of our themes.
Considering the number of features and
content the fact that it scored a 79 for
mobile and 92 for desktop on the Google
PageSpeed test is an impressive feature.
Making it the fastest theme on our list.
The gem ships with a mega menu that has
ample spacing between links and can also
handle images. The navigation is
functional and easy to use which
translates to an enjoyable user
experience. This theme comes with the
number of well-designed layout options
appropriate for a number of different
types of businesses and industries. The
use of animation in this theme is
spectacular they feel perfectly timed
and well-thought-out. The theme also
manages to blend bright colors in a very
balanced and deliberate way. With no
surprise the theme passes Google’s
mobile-friendly test with flying colors.
It also finds a neat way around the
problems that come with a multi-tiered
menus on mobile displays by flipping the
menu over every time you go into a
sub-category. The only minor issue with
mobile is that it can be a little laggy
in some places. In a list that has many
themes that are packed with features this theme
is only one of two that scores a
perfect 10 for functionality. It also
has its own custom sliders revolution
and layer, each of which come with some
cool 2d and 3d animations to choose from. And, in addition to the great selection pre-designed
layouts it comes with a number of
widgets and elements specific to its

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